At Andy T's, we promise to bring you the best in flavorful sauces that we, the Travis family, can offer.
Your taste buds will have an experience they will never forget!
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Our story began at the State Fair of Texas while watching a demonstartion of a hand crank salsa machine. I bought one, took it home, and tried to use it. To my disappointment, it did not work. This gave me an idea of my own.

Later, we took a trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas. Early that Sunday morning, about 5:30, I woke up and saw a pharmacy outside our hotel window. I went inside and on the first aisle I walked down was a food processor. I had a price of $10.80, so I bought it. When I got home, I started making my own hot sauce. After pouring many batches down the drain, I finally found the perfect mixture. We started giving it away to friends and family, and eventually, Andy T’s (named after our son, Andrew Travis) Hot Sauce Company was born.

After many years of hard work, our small company is starting to grow. We would like to thank each and every one of our customers for believing in our products.